3 Reasons To Add A Thimble Cage To Your Sewing Collection

If you haven't already invested in a thimble cage, now is a great time to do so. Whether you are a sewing professional, an enthusiast, or just a dabbler, there are many good reasons to have a reliable thimble cage on hand. Here are just a few:

Never Lose Your Thimble at Home

Even when you are sewing at home where you know your thimble can't go too far, you have likely had the experience of losing your thimble and wasting precious time looking for it. How many times have you sat on your thimble or lost it under the table for what seems like forever before you're able to find it again? Even if you have backup thimbles to rely on, it can be inconvenient and frustrating to lose a thimble – especially if it's your favorite one to use.

Luckily, a thimble cage will help you avoid the inconvenient experience of losing a thimble. Most thimble cages come on a chain so you can keep it around your neck and easily put the thimble in the cage whenever it is not in use. So as long as you're using your thimble cage as you sew, you shouldn't ever have to worry about losing a thimble again.

Enhance Your Sewing Experience

A thimble cage can help enhance your overall sewing experience in a variety of ways as time goes on. Not only will your thimble always be conveniently accessible while you are sewing, but it will also stay out of the way when it isn't being used instead of taking up space at your workstation.

When you are teaching someone else to sew, you can let them use the cage along with your thimble so the thimble stays protected when it isn't in your direct care. Your thimble cage will make it easy to keep track of your thimble when you travel too. And the beauty of your thimble cage is sure to help keep you in a good mood while you're working on a frustrating sewing project.

Create a Keepsake for Generations to Come

A solid thimble cage will last a lifetime and then some as long as it is taken care of properly. Choose a thimble cage that is made of real silver instead of plastic or aluminum, and pick out a design that is special to you in some way. Then keep your favorite thimble in the cage. When you pass away, your thimble and cage can be passed down to a child or grandchild as time goes on. The keepsake will help your family remember you and your love of sewing for many generations to come.