Homemade Features To Preserve Your Pen Collection

If you keep a steady supply of pens on hand for clients to use when filling out paperwork, it may be disconcerting to watch the number of pens dwindle in size, due to people failing to return them. Being preoccupied can result in being forgetful, especially if a pen possesses a classic style that a user may absentmindedly toss into their bag or purse, due to the pen resembling one of their own. Create two homemade features to help preserve your pen collection.

Create Pen-and-Paper or Pen-and-Clipboard Duos

If someone needs a scrap of paper and a pen so that they can jot down a number or the name of a person, present them with a pen and paper duo. Use a large piece of cardboard as the backdrop of the duo. Cut pieces of paper that are the same size and stack the pieces so that they are aligned evenly. Use a stapler to secure the stack to the cardboard. Use a dark-colored marker to write 'Notes' or 'Scrap Paper' across the top of the cardboard backing.

Use a piece of string to secure a pen to the board. Wrap a piece of double-sided tape around the top of the pen or use glue to coat the top portion of the pen's barrel. Wrap a piece of string several times around the tape or glue-covered section. Secure the opposite end of the string to the cardboard by punching a hole into the cardboard and threading the string through the hole and forming a knot in the string.

Use thumbtacks to secure the pen-and-paper board to a wall in your office or reception area. Use this same idea to create a clipboard duo. Instead of using a piece of cardboard and a stack of paper, simply secure a pen to the clipboard and hand one to each client, along with any paperwork that needs to be filled out.

Make Some Pen Mascots

A pen that possesses a fuzzy head with eyes, a nose, and a mouth won't be mistaken for someone else's pen, plus a decorative feature will provide your favorite pens with some character. Purchase some standard pens that contain black or blue ink. Purchase colored pom-pom balls, googly eyes, and felt from a craft store. Glue one ball onto the end of each pen. Use glue to secure eyes and felt noses and mouths. Insert the pens in a cup, making sure that the homemade toppers are facing up and that the tip of each pen is nestled against the bottom of the cup.

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